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Adam, Shrewsbury Digest Curator
Council under fire as £233k spent on four speed humps in Shrewsbury
The work was carried out around Roushill, Shoplatch, Mardol and Bellstone earlier this year as part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package, to help enforce a new 20mph speed limit in the town centre. The cost has now been revealed following a Freedom of Information request by Professor John Whitelegg from the Shropshire-wide 20’s Plenty campaign, which is pushing for a blanket 20mph limit to be introduced in all built-up areas across the county.

Via Shropshire Star

Fresh Shrewsbury relief road consultation could take place after redesign

Shropshire Council has revealed it is looking again at the current designs for the four-mile road in an effort to lessen the carbon emissions and ecological impact of the huge construction project, in response to the thousands of objections made by members of the public and environmental groups. As a result the project team anticipates submitting amendments to the planning application, which would then be subject to a fresh period of public consultation. Following any further period of consultation, the planning application is expected to go before the council’s northern planning committee for determination before the end of the year.

Via Shropshire Star

£9.3m transformation for Royal Shrewsbury Hospital Emergency Departme

The Emergency Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital is undergoing a £9.3million transformation as part of a programme of work to improve patient care. The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, which runs Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, secured the funding from the Government. The building work will take place in four phases over the next 12 months, with the first phase already under way to create the larger and improved Majors zone for those who are seriously ill. Patients attending the Emergency Department can expect some disruption during the building works, however, all services will remain operational.

Via Shropshire Live

Shropshire Council bids for slice of £4 billion 'levelling up' fund for major projects
In Shrewsbury, the money will fund demolition work and site preparation as part of ambitious plans to re-shape the entire of the Smithfield and Riverside areas of the town. The project would see the most significant changes to Shrewsbury in decades, and a report from Mark Barrow, the council's director of place, says the council believes the plan will attract more people, and business, to the town. The bid also requests money for work across the town centre including pavement widening, traffic calming and wayfinding.

Via Shropshire Star

Weekly COVID Stats

People tested positive in Shropshire: 24 (+6)
Rate per 100k resident population: 7.4
Deaths within 28 days of positive test in Shropshire: 0 (No change)
Patients admitted to The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust:
 0 (No change)

All stats avilable at

Latest data at healthcare trust level provided on 30 May 2021, other data is correct as of 03 June 2021.

COVID Vaccination Progress

Number of people vaccinated with one dose in Shropshire: 209,019 (+5,983)
Number of people vaccinated with two doses in Shropshire: 150,868 (+15,068)
Cumalitive doses given in Shropshire: 359,887 (+21,051)

Number of people vaccinated with one dose in Shrewsbury & Atcham68,690 (+1,608)
Number of people vaccinated with two doses in Shrewsbury & Atcham: 50,094 (+5,971)
Cumalitive doses given in Shrewsbury & Atcham: 118,784 (+7,579)

All stats available from NHS England
Data correct as of 03/06/2021.

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