Words of Wisdom for Ramadan 
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Words of Wisdom for Ramadan

When there are troubles in this world and fitan (trials) like the present moment for many people…when Allah brings your livelihood into question, 'Where is it going to come from?’…makes it less in your life, then He only wants to make a wali (friend of Allah) out of you.

So be steadfast and undaunted in patience and don't be fed up and freak out and be shaken from your good opinion of Allah…Allah is raising by the present jalal whole groups of people and lowering whole groups of other people. The ones whose gaze remains steadfast on the Face of Allah, 'How can I please Allah in my circumstances?' They are the ones Allah is raising. And those who are fed up, estranged, bewildered, and alienated, in doubt, Allah lowers them. Unless they turn back towards Allah and ask the only One who can do anything about it.

And for the ones Allah is raising, a lot of useless and worthless myths and symbols are always left far behind one. When Allah’s jalal comes all the nonsense that we used to think is left behind in a sudden blow and we are faced with the reality of you and Allah and your grave. The very best of any moments you ever spent is the time that you see you can’t do a thing by yourself and that you are in utter need of Allah for anything and for everything…when the servant consigned all of his matters to Allah and was well pleased with Allah.

Everyone can embark on a voyage of discovery after having been freed and thrown overboard a lot of myths and symbols that come with the popular culture and they come dressed up in a vocabulary that makes them respectable but they don't have anything to do with the revelation of Allah and His messenger (Allah bless him and give him peace) and so they are able to leave these behind and find reality.

The American dream is for people who are asleep. We ask Allah to make these days the best days of our lives and the days of harvest of our spiritual endeavour and aspiration with Allah…and we believe that everything is of His generosity but we just have to understand how it works.

Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, “Kitab al-Tanwir” (Latifiyya dars, Zawiya of Abul Hasan al-Shadhili, Amman, Jordan, March 24, 2020). Reprinted with permission.

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